Tips for greater security in your business

One of the main concerns of business is to be victims of lovers of others. And it is that every day this illicit activity generates millionaire losses. Do not let it happen! We give you 10 tips or greater security in your business.

Armed assault

The assailants take the cash proceeds from the sale of that day or moment by threatening employees with guns, knives or any sharp object.

Ant robbery

It is the one that generates more losses. It is committed by some customers better known as farriers. This practice occurs frequently in department stores and is carried out in many cases by entire families.

Internal theft

There is also the robbery carried out by the employees themselves, who know the operation of the business in detail, it is easy for them to take away merchandise or cash. Thus mocking the trust placed by their employers in them.

External theft

This is usually done without violence when the thieves enter the business taking advantage of the complicity of the night and that the place is closed. The owners realize when they arrive in the morning. When they are gone.

Avoid being an easy target for thieves

To avoid being in the sights of criminals there are certain security measures that we can take. Put them into practice to give greater security to your business and minimize losses.

Be alert to anyone who generates distrust

Lovers of others have a peculiar way of behaving. Many thefts have been avoided by detecting suspicious attitudes in some people.

Make sure all doors and windows are of high strength to avoid being flouted

Mainly if your establishment sells valuable items such as jewelry or watches.

  • The digital lock is a sure way to maintain control of access to your business.
  • With it, you decide who to give access to the place and even determine at what times. In addition to that you will have a complete report of those who entered.

Keep a minimum amount of cash and avoid showing wads of bills in front of your customers

Make cash cuts every certain time and deposit it in the bank. This way if a thief appears, the loss will be less.

We recommend having a safe in the place to protect the cash from the cashier’s cuts. Place it in a discreet place and do not give the key to anyone who is not of your total confidence.

Remember that the businesses most exposed to assaults are those that exhibit a lot of money flow during the day.

Accommodate your merchandise strategically

Most cases of stealing occur in blind spots in the store, since the managers lack total visibility. Farmers easily identify these points and discuss the robbery.

Avoid obstructing visibility by placing too many items in the showcases.

Place mirrors that do not affect the aesthetics of your business

Placing these mirrors will give you visibility of hard to reach places and your customers will not feel pressured while they watch the products.

Install a closed circuit television

Having a CCTV in the business is of vital importance since in this way the thieves will think twice before attempting to dock. A guarded place will hardly be the target of criminals.

In the event of a robbery or assault or suspicion that an employee is stealing from you. You will have video evidence of the person in charge to achieve your total and full identification.

Did you know that you can monitor your cameras from your cell phone?

Maintain adequate illumination both inside and outside

Darkness is the best ally of lovers of what is foreign.

Place a buzzer with motion sensor

You will be able to keep an eye on you as soon as someone enters your establishment. Thus the presumed thief will know that you are aware that he entered and that you will keep him under surveillance and can desist from his intentions.

Create a customer service program

There are some tactics that you can implement in your business among your staff to reduce opportunities for theft.

Let each client know that you are aware of their visit without feeling intimidated. A cordial greeting when you enter is enough.

Keep an adequate number of staff in the business.

Determine a plan on what bags or objects customers can enter your business.

Provide a key to alert your staff so that they coordinate with each other in case of any suspicious attitude.

Invest in security

Experts recommend investing 1 to 2% of the establishment’s income in security systems to prevent theft.

If for some reason, they come to steal your establishment, never oppose resistance! Collaborate The most valuable thing we have is our life.

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