Security tips for Christmas

One of the designated dates of the year arrives, for families and for thieves. During Christmas there are many people who go on a trip or just spend a few days away from relatives; with meals, dinners and celebrations. We want to give you 15 tips that you can carry out to reduce this danger and thus enjoy without worries of these holidays.

  1. Be sure to leave doors and windows closed when leaving the house.
  2. Do not leave the key pulled or “hidden”, no matter how safe we ​​think it is that nobody will know where it is.
  3. If you lose your house keys you have to change the lock.
  4. Do not open the door or portal to strangers. It may be your neighbor who they intend to steal.
  5. With Christmas lights, do not pull wires outside the house that involves leaving windows open.
  6. Put gifts that can’t be seen through the window, which can attract the attention of thieves.
  7. Once the gifts are distributed, throw the boxes in non-transparent bags so that the thieves do not know what objects are inside the house.
  8. Avoid discussing vacation plans on social networks.
  9. Beware of voice messages on the home answering machine.
  10. Leave the radio on if it is only a few hours or use timers. There are also timers that are installed in light.
  11. Ask the neighbor to pick up the mail.
  12. In chalets, the possibility of leaving a car at the door of the house.
  13. Install a security system (alarm and / or cameras) connected to a CRA that works while you rest or have fun that is, take care of your house while you celebrate New Year’s Eve at your friends’ house.
  14. Inside the house, leave the money in an original and different place that does not allow thieves to catch it in an express theft.
  15. Beware of false commercials that come to call your house the days before to leave everything studied.

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