How to paint wood to look like metal

Painting wood to look like metal may sound complicated, but you can easily create a metallic look using spray paint with a metal finish. These paintings recreate the color and shine of metal on almost any surface, including wood. You must properly paint the wood and add a clear coat to ensure that the metal paint adheres properly and lasts for years.


  1. Sand the wood with the sandpaper 220 thick to prepare the surface for the base. Clean the dust that occurs when sanding using a dry cloth.
  2. With a brush, apply a coat of paint base with alcohol on the wood. These bases are sometimes called shellac bases. Do not worry about tinting the base to match your painting; a white base will serve perfectly.
  3. Shake you can of metallic paint spray to mix it.
  4. Apply the paint on the wood, starting from above and using horizontal and constant movements to apply a thin layer of paint. Continue to apply thin layers until you completely cover the entire surface of the wood. Let the paint dry.
  5. Paint on the dry metallic paint a layer of polyurethane based on latex transparent with a high gloss finish, to protect and brighten the metallic paint.

Tips & Warnings

  • While painting, keep the paint can in constant motion or else you could apply too much paint in one area, causing the paint to run and ruin the metal finish.

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