How to paint terrazzo floors

Many homes built between 1940 and 1950 have terrazzo floors. This type of floors are basically fragments of marble placed on concrete or other hard material. Once the cement dries, the fragments are the basis, until smooth and polished to a glossy finish. Although terrazzo floors can be attractive, you might consider that the marble pieces do not match the decor of your room. In that case, the solution is to paint them.


  1. Use the scraper palette and solvent cleaner to remove any adhesive or foam layer left by the vinyl carpet or tile. Remove the residue from your terrazzo floors with the scraper palette and follow the instructions on the container to use the solvent cleaner to clean the floor.
  2. Thoroughly clean the terrazzo floor using a floor cleaner that removes dirt, grease and oil. This is especially important if your terrazzo floor is in the kitchen, in the garage, or outside. Follow the instructions on the cleaner label to use it. When finished, rinse the floor with clean water. Let it dry for a full day.
  3. Apply a layer of sealant coating to the entire floor using a roller. The layer does not have to be thick. Allow the coating to harden for at least three to five days before continuing.
  4. Paint the floor using a water-based paint and a paint roller. If you are using a light color, you may have to apply two coats. Make sure the terrazzo floor is completely dry before applying the second coat.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once the liner feels dry to the touch, you can walk over it, but be careful not to put dirt or dirt on the terrazzo floor before it has been three to five days.

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