How to paint plastic wheel covers

Get great results with painting always depends on the preparatory work beforehand. This is especially true for lids for paint wheels plastic. Spray paint is best for a professional – looking finish because there is a wide range of paints made only for plastic automotive. Also, spray paint is easy to use and, when painted correctly, the end result looks good.


  1. Wash plastic lids thoroughly with detergent and warm water.The dishwashing detergent is perfect for the use of the car, as it is soft and acts as a degreaser. Allow the tires to dry completely and remove them from the tires with a flat screwdriver if they need a little lever.
  2. Sand scratches or damage to the surface with 320 grit sandpaper in smooth circular motions, then turn to 600 grit sandpaper. Sand only the damaged areas. Then sand the scratches with sandpaper to the water of 1000 and 1500. Dip the sandpaper in clean water and sand in circular movements. Keep the area moist by squeezing a moistened towel over the surface while you sand. If the plastic is completely new, lightly abrasion the surface with a polishing pad.
  3. Shake the primer can vigorously and spray a light coat on the surface. The primer promotes adhesion of the paint and fills the remains of the scratches. Allow the primer to dry for 10 minutes and then apply another coat. Let the primer dry for 30 minutes and pass a 1000 and 1500 sanding sandpaper over the entire surface. Apply two more coats of primer and sand the surface after each coat.
  4. Shake can of spray paint before applying a thin coat of paint. Leave to dry for two hours and apply another thin layer. Each layer should be uniform. Apply as many layers as necessary to reach the desired color. Allow to dry 30 minutes before applying clear coat.
  5. Shake the varnish well with vigor and spray four layers, allowing each application to dry completely before spraying the next layer. Let the varnish dry for a day and then apply polishing compound to make the lids shine. Wait 30 days before waxing your wheel covers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Applying multiple thin layers will result in a superior finish rather than a single heavy cover.
  • Avoid spraying paint with direct sunlight and high humidity. The optimum ambient temperature for spray paint is 70 to 80 degrees F (20 ° to 25 ° C).

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