How to paint on suede paint

The chamois paint is a luxurious and decorative imitation finish, which resembles the natural appearance of chamois leather. Suede paint may look luxurious for one person but too much for another. The styles of home decor change and you may eventually decide to paint on the imitation suede finish. Re-painting a wall with chamois paint requires an atypical paint preparation to restore the wall to its original state. Suede paint is relatively soft to the touch, but the technique of brush painting leaves an uneven texture on the surface of the paint.


  1. Opens a plastic composite premixed plastic container. Remove the compound out of the bowl with a 12-inch spatula and fill the bottom of the clay pan with approximately a 1-inch (2.5 cm) layer of composite.
  2. Remove the mixed compound from the clay pan with the 12-inch spatula (30 cm). Make enough compound to fill the bottom of the spatula, but without the compound falling through the edges of the spatula. Hold the spatula at a 45 degree angle and pull the spatula in a downward motion to extend the compound onto the wall. Strain it into the walls until the spatula has nothing and need additional compound.
  3. Screw a metal sander head to a telescopic painter pole and sand the composite-coated walls from top to bottom. Sand the walls from corner to corner, in equal sections. Inspect wall irregularities and apply more compound where necessary.
  4. Covers floors with tarpaulins. Cover the molded skirting boards and edges with blue tape and unscrew the electrical plug covers and switch plates with the screwdriver.
  5. Dip a polyester brush into a container with water-based paint, dyed the color of the chosen paint. Brush in the corners of the walls and the edges of the ceilings with the base paint. Slightly apply it to the skirting boards, above the edges.
  6. Screw a paint roller handle onto the telescopic pole. Dip the roller into a bucket of water-based paint and pass it over the walls. Re-roll the roller in areas with accidental paint buildup, using a dry roller. Let the base paint dry.
  7. Wet a clean polyester paint brush in a latex paint container. Fill the corners, get into the edges of the ceiling and use the brush around the windows and door frames.
  8. Saturate a clean paint roller into a latex paint container and pass it through the walls. Apply the paint in equal sections, starting in a corner and working towards the opposite corner. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat to achieve the true color of the paint.

Tips & Warnings

  • Store the plug and screw caps in a plastic bag for storage.
  • Choose a matte finish paint to camouflage the remaining wall imperfections of the chamois paint.
  • Do not paint on uncured suede paint. If the paint is fresh, read the recommendations on the product label to repaint.

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