How to choose the ideal safe to increase the safety of your home

Far from what many may think, safes are not for millionaires.

On the one hand, its cost is much lower than you can imagine, starting from the € 40 of a small box surface. On the other, we can all keep at home amounts of money, jewelry or other valuable goods that are worth conserving with guarantees.

Its use does not end here: fireproof and airtight models also protect its contents from domestic accidents such as floods or fires, and keep dangerous items such as firearms away from children. In this case, you will need an approved box that complies with specific rules established by law.

A safe is easy to install without having to be professional bricklayers or locksmiths, although your expertise with plaster and concrete will depend on whether or not you need their help.

Now which model interests you the most according to the use you are going to give it?

The most important thing is to decide the level of security you need, and to do so, take into account where you are going to install it and what you need to keep inside it.

An interesting tip is to forget about the usual places to hide them, like closet interiors or behind the pictures: it is the first place where a thief will look at your house. Some models, however, can be installed in sockets and camouflaged as plug plates.

There are two types of safe.

Recessed wall or floor recess require a small work, but offer greater security. If you store high-value goods at home and you have the perfect place to hide it, this is your choice. The more bolts of the lock and greater thickness, the more security. The material is also decisive: if your steel is treated to tungsten can even resist the action of a drill with metal drill.

The surface boxes do not require work, only have to screw them to its surface, although obviously they are much easier to detect and to extract.

The type of combination of the closure system also raises two variants: combination mechanical (spinning wheels, the classic mode) or electronic (numerical password, comfortable and easy to change).

How to install a built-in safe:

  1. Plant on the target wall the measurements of your box, adding at least 5 cm to the sides, 10 cm to the base and 15 cm to the top.
  2. With the aid of flower pot and chillers, open the hole and prepare a base to support the box.
  3. Prepare in a bucket a mixture of black plaster and water, letting it stand.
  4. At the base of the wall recess, place bricks (the flat ones) and apply the plaster. This will provide consistency to better accommodate the box.
  5. It is time to introduce: protect your front with plastic and body tape.
  6. Once inside, use a paddle to fill the gap with concrete, starting at the sides. If mixing is not your forte, consult these tips.
  7. Let two days pass and reinforce with black plaster. When it is dry, apply white plaster to plaster and, dry this, tops the wall with paint. If you want the result to be of a professional fineness, check our guide to apply plaster before painting.

And remember that any security measures at home is valuable, but protection starts make it difficult for burglars with tips and tricks like these.

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