Essential safety measures in the home against theft and domestic accidents

When a domestic accident occurs, however, it may seem as if one could have been avoided by paying more attention or by taking a little more care in the things that are done daily and automatically.

Falls are probably the most frequent fumbles at home. In fact, more than half of the deaths from domestic accidents that occur are a consequence of these setbacks. Prevention depends, essentially, to take into account some of the tips listed below.

To begin with, we must properly maintain the surface of the floors – both inside and outside the house – and be careful to remove any dangerous obstacles so as not to suffer any fall with the furniture that is in the middle.

If it is a large house with green areas and patio, it is recommended to clean the exterior sidewalks of any object that hinders traffic, as well as keep the porches of the houses in perfect condition so that there is no tripping with furniture and garden complements. It should be remembered that these sites are especially frequented by children while playing games, so extreme caution must be exercised. Also the floor tiles should be well glued to the pavement, thus avoiding any kind of slip and landing on the floor.

Against theft

Regarding the possible robberies it will not be useful to have good grids on the windows or alarms if careless comments on other aspects. For example, telephone calls should always be answered. If it seems that a house is uninhabited because the phone does not stop ringing and no one answers, a thief can try to enter the house. It is best to make it obvious that the house is occupied at that time, just like when they ring the doorbell. It is very frequent that in the vacation periods when the cities are empty, thieves take advantage to enter them. Still, if you are at home try opening the door safely. The traditional method of asking who touches will always be infallible.

When you have to hire a worker for a repair or a gas, electricity or water intake you must try to be accompanied by someone at the time you know that this will access your home. Talking on the phone while the technician works is another good option.

On the other hand, with the world so interactive and technological in which it is lived it is almost impossible not to have to do some activity or purchase via Internet. Acquire a ticket to make a trip, make an order, book a hotel, pay bills, etc. Although this is the order of the day, we must avoid providing personal and banking data to outsiders that allow scammers to carry out a criminal act – by mail, by telephone – as far as possible. In many occasions, street surveys are carried out. There also avoid giving personal data.

As for the communication with the neighbors, do not underestimate the advantage that good relations have with them. Establish some type of signal or code to indicate that they are in serious trouble. Similarly, if you come to your house and suspect that there is someone inside it do not enter? If you enter the house when you are already inside look for an alternative escape route.

Children, the axis of domestic security

Many first-time parents are terrified that they do not know what steps to take as children grow older. There is no need to lose your temper. One of the main things to do is to seal the plugs and protect the electrical cables. The first steps of the child are always directed towards those objects at a small distance and easy to reach or touch with the hands. Similarly, small objects must be in difficult access. Meterselos in the mouth is a very habitual practice with the serious danger of suffering a choking.

The sense of smell is one that first develops next to the ear. Therefore, the search for adventures to new scents begins from the first crawls. Chemicals and cleaning products should be kept in the upper wardrobes in the early childhood years so that the child does not drink them or suffer any kind of irritation when ingested. Another moment of danger comes when the little ones of the house are left alone in an area where there are bathtubs, stacks or large water containers. It is something that must be taken with considerable caution.

It should not be forgotten that the use of new technologies is increasingly present in classrooms. And, as has been discussed previously the subject of Internet consumption, parents have to be extremely cautious with the content that their children see on the web. Always ask for user names and passwords of all social networks and records on pages and, if possible, do them yourself to try to control the information they provide.

If you live in the countryside or away from the city it is good to prune the trees that border the house and install security cameras around. In addition, if your home is a farm, you also need to protect the fencing that surrounds it with all kinds of measures.

As you can see, carrying out these safety guidelines does not require a lot of effort. The holidays are just around the corner and if you have a bit of care there should not be any kind of surprise. Hiring a goalkeeper who gives confidence helps to have controlled the community of neighbors and are a well invested money.

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