Cyber ​​crime and security problems

Cyber ​​crime is any illegal activity committed using a computer or the Internet. Cybercrime includes credit card and bank account fraud, program piracy, copyright infringement, stalking and harassment. Malicious programs (malware) are often hidden in harmless-looking file attachments. Electronic fraud is designed to trick Internet users into sharing passwords and other private information. Cyber ​​crime can be committed against any person, property and organization. Diligent control of the computer is necessary to protect sensitive information.


Cyber ​​crimes against people include junk and deceptive mail, defamation, harassment and stalking. A deceptive email is one that appears from a different source than the actual author. Junk emails are numerous copies of the same email, such as a chain or sales requests. Cyber ​​defamation is committed when someone publishes defamatory demands on a website or through email. Electronic stalking occurs when someone uses chat sessions, email or social networking sites to control another person’s Internet activity and causes unwanted contact.

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