Advantages and disadvantages of National Security

The debate about the US Department of Homeland Security It is one with strong opinions on both sides of the issues. There are advantages and disadvantages to the extensive safety net that the federal government has created to combat national and international terrorism. Here is a look at the benefits and problems regarding National Security.

Benefits of National Security

The defenders of the growing US Department of Homeland Security They highlight several positive aspects of the program.

The first benefit is the increased organization of federal, state and local agencies to facilitate an effective response to terrorist incidents. All large competent and security agencies are directly involved and have specific responsibilities.

Another benefit is the creation of a critical infrastructure that can more effectively utilize available resources. These resources are organized under the supervision of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in such a way that the Government responds to natural and man-made disasters. The third benefit of National Security is the prevention of terrorist attacks.

Negative aspects of National Security

Those who oppose the growing power of the US Department of Homeland Security They cite several concerns.

The first concern is the potential for abuse by federal officials. Critics see little difference between the infrastructure that has been developed to deal with terrorism in the United States and the centralist infrastructures of totalitarian societies.

Critics adjudicate the perceived loss of individual liberties and privacy under the National Security Law. Critics are not willing to give up constitutional protections against arbitrary searches and detentions to allow government agents to protect the nation more effectively.

Opponents of National Security also mention the heavy financial burden used by the country. Personnel and training expenses have exceeded traditional costs for the defense of the nation.

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