Tips to paint your home

Painting is one of the most powerful tools in home decoration.

Thanks to it we can renew the look of a room, create more light, and give more sense of space … As we see the color has a lot of power, so we must use it with intelligence.

Here we have some simple tips that will help us to paint our house and make the right decisions on color.

The paint to help your home shine!

The Nordic style has made us to open our eyes and hit the target its importance. It is the color par excellence to give light to the house, create larger spaces.

The chromo therapy has its own codes

Chromo therapy studies the effects of color on our mood. Therefore when choosing colors for a stay must know that green stimulates the mind and is good at offices, the blue conveys purity and is good in bathrooms, while we should not use it in the kitchen or dining room because it takes away our appetite.

Gray is the new white

White is a perfect to paint and decorate our house color.  Gray according to the latest trends seems to be called to replace and increasingly this is both modern styles and classic decorations.

Continuity decoration

Finally, when planning the colors of our home ideally look for a continuity between rooms and spaces to give coherence to the decor. Therefore the ideal is to choose a single tone for aisle, entrance and habitations.